"The Making of a Salon"

Passion is defined as the object of a strong desire. It is also a word used to define John McGarvey, a man whose passion for the beauty industry evolved in 1978. He doesn't engage much in anything that he can't feel passionately about. This prompted the birth of Les Cheveux Salon.

McGarvey launched Les Cheveux Salon because he felt there was a huge void in the services offered to his clients in "traditional" salons within his community. His clientele wanted the most current fashions, shoes, restaurants and yes hair; their needs were not being met, until he opened his doors in 1978. Les Cheveux Salon is French for "The Hair Salon." Even the name is unique, clever, and forward and one could say appropriate.

Les Cheveux Salon was the buzz on the streets and the talk of the town. Shortly after the grand opening success of the salon the media fell into step and discovered McGarvey as a trusted resource for hair and beauty editorial but also as a "gun for hire" to handle all the styling to their expanding fashion segment. This developed into a demand for McGarvey's services at catalog shoots for major department stores, video productions, television and numerous editorial print works. From here the clientele followed, making McGarvey one of the most sought after stylists in the Connecticut area.

The local celebrity crowd was not about to miss out on the action. The doors at Les Chevuex Salon welcomed the likes of anchormen and woman, photographers, models, politicians, theatre and acting folk, and so many more. Name-dropping is not something the reader will find in this biography of E.J. McGarvey, he respects the anonymity of each client, whether it be a working or stay at home mom, corporate CEO, or a rock star. This leads us to the question of "just who is John McGarvey?"

Les Cheveux Salon Hartford Connecticut John McGarvey

A physical presence, that may seem intimidating, standing well over six feet, broad shoulders, status build, it is strikingly obvious that this is a man who is comfortable in his own skin. A mystery to most, except for the people he touches, know E.J. is modest, organic, romantic, compassionate, approachable, trustworthy and a giving human being. John has trained, either directly, or by association, some of the area's better known stylists and colorists, each rising to their own personal successes. He donates countless hours to charitable organizations with a deep spiritual mission to mentor the less fortunate and provide comfort for the ill.

John McGarvey, Les Cheveux Salon