Les Cheveux is a full service salon. McGarvey and his staff share the same beauty beliefs, which allows the client a cohesive approach to the salon visit. The overall philosophy is not to follow trends, but to do what is best for the client with a conscious effort to stay in the moment and keep in touch with what is modern. Above all, hair should be "sexy". There is no ideal length of hair for woman or men;some of the end result is dictated by the given.
"There is no bad hair, only bad hair cuts"
Enter into Les Cheveux Salon and you are instantly introduced into the true personality of the founder. Without truly knowing EJ McGarvey one might imagine the salon to be edgy, stark, modern almost clinical. Instead, you walk into an atmosphere of tranquility, a neo-classic European setting, with painstaking detail given to the rich colors and textures around you. EJ McGarvey has reintroduced to the beauty business what was lost for so long, the salon experience of pampering one's self, taking time out, and relaxation. Here is a place for his clients to take time for themselves in a Zen or yoga like encounter. Les Cheveux Salon's new home is in the very trendy West Hartford center neighborhood just outside of the capital city of Hartford Connecticut. It is not a coincidence each former and present location of Les Cheveux Salon has never flaunted that "in your face" appearance. The salon is always tucked away or behind something, never too difficult to find, but more like a diamond in the rough, and always a worthwhile pursuit.